The Chaos Blade

The Adventure Thus Far

or Things That Have Been Stabbed

Our story begins with a group of mismatched hooligans and generally odd folk all getting together and burning down a weapons cart and peeing in planter boxes. There was also a clandestine purchase of chicken blood. Our party consists of Hykjyk, the Gnoll Warlord, Skallynags the Goblin Rogue and Eva Implora Sanguine Sange the Vampire Sorceress. They fought valiantly against zombies and gross monsters and probably more zombies. Somewhere along the way they met a Bear Runepriest named Bjorn Goldenpelt. They’ve all been travelling together and adventuring for some time now. They have found themselves within Foltheim Manor searching for an escaped debtor. But what they will find there is even more sinister.



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